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CEAVCO Remains Anonymous

anonymous-titleCEAVCO Audio Visual recently produced a tongue-and-cheek video featuring CEAVCO’s founder, Jack Emerson, and Blake Holmes of the Creative Services Department. In the video, Blake hits the streets of Denver to ask random people if they’ve ever heard of CEAVCO.

The gist? When something goes wrong at an event, you remember the AV company. In the live-event production industry, remaining anonymous is an indication of your success.

Check out the video here.

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CEAVCO VIP Open House and Interactive Demonstration

E-Vite-Penguin-finalCEAVCO will be hosting a VIP open house on December 16. Events will include a lunch with current clients and a cocktail hour for prospective clients. Guests will have the opportunity to socialize with members of CEAVCO’s team, tour CEAVCO’s space, and explore in-house technologies and production ideas related to lighting, sound, video, scenic design, and creative services.

In addition, freelancers and partners will come in on the afternoon of December 15 to learn about and receive hand-on training on the use of all the new toys CEAVCO has added in the last 12 months.

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