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What I Love About Your Show

What do your attendees love about your event or show? Ask them.

Put a new twist on the happy-face video with an edited series of photos of attendees holding white poster boards with their written answers.

CEAVCO Audio Visual’s professional photographer creates an edited product that is high in production value while being fun and engaging to watch. Video clips can be assembled daily or throughout your event.

At CEAVCO, the creative potential is limitless.

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Why Companies Work with CEAVCO

Joe Hartman, CEAVCO Audio Visual’s Vice President of Sales, shares his thoughts on why CEAVCO’s customers work with CEAVCO year after year. As Joe explains, it’s his job to make sure his clients have all of the tools they need to make their event the best it can be.

CEAVCO’s clients appreciate the company’s brand, product, people, and high-touch system, and most importantly they trust us. Says Joe, “We show [our customers] that they’re important to us. … Our team comes together, and once they’ve experienced us they want us at their next event.”

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