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Transforming CEAVCO’s Warehouse into an Event Space … in 25 Seconds

Recently CEAVCO produced an MPI event that took place in our warehouse. Instead of trying to conceal the production equipment, our team took a different approach, embracing the environment and retaining the warehouse’s look and feel. By drawing attention to the space, we made it a conversation piece.

So how do you transform a warehouse into an event space? If you’ve got 25 seconds, we’ll show you.

CEAVCO Warehouse Transformation from CEAVCO Audio Visual on Vimeo.

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CEAVCO Audio Visual Streamlines Operations and Grows Its Team

Over the past year, CEAVCO Audio Visual has hired a number of new employees to expand the company’s Management, Production, and Creative Services teams. Efforts to streamline operations and strengthen in-house capabilities have led to increased efficiencies and significant financial returns for the company.

We’re thrilled to have all these new team members on board, and we’ll be introducing them over the next several weeks. We’ll start with Bill Baskett, CEAVCO’s Director of Convention Services, and Project Manager Emily Sendelbach.

Bill has worked in the AV industry since 1988, and he has extensive industry experience as a national account executive. Over the past year, Bill has done an excellent job of directing large-scale event services and exceeding client expectations.

As a Project Manager, Emily works closely with clients to handle the detail-oriented planning and execution of successful client events. For the past year, Emily has demonstrated that she puts clients first and remains dedicated to their success.

A long overdue welcome to Bill and Emily! We’re excited to have both of them on our team.

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