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CEAVCO’s Support for Continuing Education

CEAVCO Audio Visual makes continuing education a priority for employees. In this short video, CEAVCO’s Creative Services Director Sidney Reed describes how CEAVCO encourages staff to take advantage of classes and training that will help them build and strengthen their audiovisual production skills.

Sidney got her master’s degree in cinematography and video/film production because she loves learning. At CEAVCO, she has signed up for online master classes focused on video design and direction. As she points out, many employees take advantage of the continuing education opportunities CEAVCO offers.

For example, from May through July of this year, CEAVCO staff have attended or will be attending courses and workshops led by such organizations as InfoComm, the Rental & Staging Network, and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. This training covers such topics as leadership development, exhibit design, warehouse operations, Vectorworks 3D design software, quality control, and equipment rental software.

As CEAVCO continues to grow, CEAVCO’s employees need opportunities to learn and grow too. Keeping employees engaged in their professional development and making their ongoing education relevant help to ensure our team members are well-trained, challenged, and always up on the latest trends. 

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Audiovisual Production Support at High-Profile Events Nationwide

Washington, DC-based National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) is the place where apartment industry leaders come together to guide their future success. As a nationwide forum for insight, advocacy, and action, NMHC needed continuity of audio visual production service, reliable equipment and labor, and standard pricing at their six annual events held at locations around the country.

To support these diverse NMHC events with up to 4,000 industry experts in attendance, CEAVCO offers the consistency of staff, service, quality, and pricing NMHC requires. We travel with NMHC to provide audio, video, lighting, staging, and set design for their events in Washington, DC, Chicago, Orlando, San Diego, Huntington Beach, and Denver.

Says Jennifer Angebranndt, NMHC Vice President of Meetings, “I appreciate CEAVCO’s professionalism, can do and easygoing approach to projects, and flexibility in finding a solution. With regard to logistics, I love knowing that CEAVCO has my back and is a top-notch company with the necessary tech expertise to pull off flawless events, freeing me up to deal with other elements of meeting management. CEAVCO isn’t just a hired AV equipment supplier – they’re part of our team.”

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