Experiential Donor Reception and Dinner

Experiential Donor Reception

AVFX provided audio visual support for a building dedication and experiential donor reception. The initial experience began as the donors approached the new entrance, which included projection mapping and theatrical lighting on the exterior of the new building. As visitors entered, they were drawn into a cocktail reception/tour with live and recorded audio and moving lights.

The reception was followed by a dramatic trumpet salute and raising of the shades, unveiling of the new atrium. During the reception, key words related to the organization’s mission were projection mapped on the curtains. As guests entered the atrium, they were surrounded by moving lights, music, and presentations on the 29-foot-wide LED screen-backed stage.

Following a celebratory dinner and donor recognition, guests were invited to exit through the rotunda for a final experiential activity. They were invited to cast their vote in support of future initiatives, and each exit survey vote triggered a lighting display that many described as an art installation.


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