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CenterStage Gala at the MFA

CenterStage gala: produced & designed by Rafanelli Events, audiovisual technology and media content provided by AVFX and illumination by Port

Cable Hall of Fame 2023

As the technical producer for the Cable Hall of Fame 2023, CEAVCO oversaw the event and provided stage direction and AV production.

Event Production Network Meeting

It was a pleasure for us to host our EPN peers at our Denver offices for the Event Production Network (EPN) meeting.

NACHC Policy and Issues Forum AV Production

To support the NACHC Policy and Issues Forum, CEAVCO elevated AV event production on a tight timeline.

Matt Emerson Named A Colorado Titan 100

Congratulations to AVFX CEO Matt Emerson, who has been named a Colorado Titan 100 for the second year in a row.

Everything You Need to Know About AV-Drop

AV-Drop is a cost-effective, customizable event backdrop that offers a clean, eye-catching, non-drape stage option.

A Message From Matt Emerson

2022 was intense, the work has been hard. But that work is important, we love doing it and we’re now in a stronger position.

Holiday Donation

You made your voices heard and helped us decide where to give our largest holiday donation to six non-profit organizations.

Corralling The Chaos

Eric Newkirk, EPN President and CEAVCO VP of Design & Creative, was a guest on Lasso’s Corralling the Chaos podcast.

Stress-Free Presentation Management

Our presentation management system makes it easy to keep your presenters on track and keep your conference running on schedule.