Hybrid Events Are Here to Stay

A lot of the events we’re doing these days are hybrid – in-person events with a virtual component. Many attendees appreciate the flexibility of not having to travel. In addition, our clients love the opportunity to expand their reach and communicate their message to both an in-person audience and a remote audience.


Hybrid Event Best Practices

Event planning has changed forever with the introduction of hybrid events. Hybrid event planners must simultaneously engage an in-person crowd and a remote audience. New technology and new skillsets are required to execute hybrid events successfully. Over the past two years, RSN, a network of premier AV companies located throughout North America, has delivered more…

Lookbook | NMHC Returns to In Person Events

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) is a nationwide forum for housing insight, advocacy, and action. This year, NMHC decided to hold their annual meeting in San Diego. The stakes were high, as the meeting would be one of the first in-person national events held in 2021. Planning this complex, high-profile event required extensive production…