Infocomm 2023 - AVFX and CEAVCO

The AVFX Denver and Boston teams are still reflecting on an inspiring week at InfoComm 2023. The event showcased the power of collaboration, innovation, and the transformative potential of audiovisual technology. We’re extremely grateful for the connections made and knowledge gained.

The exhibit hall at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, was packed with industry experts discovering the latest AV technologies. From immersive displays to augmented reality applications, our team got a firsthand look at the advancements shaping the future of AV. The exhibition floor at InfoComm 2023 was a visual extravaganza – so many incredible displays, LED walls, and interactive installations. It was like stepping into the future of AV technology.

The Future of AV Is Truly Immersive

Over three days, we explored the exhibit hall at InfoComm 2023. What became immediately clear is that dynamic content and personalized experiences are critical to the success of today’s conferences and trade show booths.

We learned about the immersive experience incubation company Moment Factory. As it turns out, creating a memorable, positive experience is worth a lot more than “6 impressions” from traditional marketing comms.

Moment Factory Immersive Experience at InfoComm 2023 - CEAVCO and AVFX

We saw how immersive touch experiences in a projection room make learning quicker, easier, and simulator-grade realistic.InfoComm 2023 Immersive Touch Projection Room - CEAVCO and AVFX

Touch interactive LED wall using sensors and generative content technology “borrowed” from the gaming industry. There’s so much fun on 2.5mm pitch LED walls! Reach out – we would love to show you how to make this a fun activation at your next event!

Touch Interactive LED Wall - CEAVCO and AVFX

Gaming Animation Tech

Gaming Animation Tech for Live Events - CEAVCO and AVFX

Gaming industry animation technologies can show clients and sponsors what the event looks like with much more sophisticated dynamics than fly-through rendering. The technology enables you to build the characters and dynamic video/lighting/effects to demonstrate EXACTLY what the intended effect will be.

Special Effects Galore at InfoComm 2023

Infocomm 2023 Special Effects - CEAVCO and AVFX

Holographic image production techniques were on display at InfoComm on small large scales! The technology adds an immediate WOW factor for trade show exhibits and event lobbies. We can provide touch interactive experiences for your next show, with content included!

Quest Events’ quick-change supermagnet branding feature opens up new scenic options that tie into sponsorships in creative ways.

Special effects are fun, and the InfoComm exhibit hall was full of inspiration! For example, we saw amazing arrays of what’s possible in scented additions to your next event experience.

3D Studio Sets at InfoComm 2023

Infocomm 2023 3D Studio Set - CEAVCO and AVFX

This 3D studio set looks super realistic through the lens. Creating a set for a fraction of the cost of extended reality (XR) studio-level production could be the sweet spot!

Lighting Technologies on Display at InfoComm 2023

We’re huge fans of Astera lighting fixtures, which now feature better battery technology with more cycles before measurable capacity loss. Titan Tubes now have egg crate options and a ton of connectors to build geometric shapes with the iconic eye candy tools of the trade!

For video shooting, try 1K and 300W comparable Fresnel fixtures. Smart battery management logic makes sure you won’t run out of power during interviews. Field production work is also made more efficient, as we’re able to collect more footage in less time.

In addition, Elation’s new CYC fixtures come in two sizes, have an extremely low profile, and need no fans. They have an awesome magnetic connect feature that perfects the focus and alignment between units in the array.

The Value of Partnership at InfoComm 2023

AV Alliance - CEAVCO - AVFX - IntelliEvent - Eric Newkirk and Don RomekaEric Newkirk attended an InfoComm dinner hosted by AV Alliance. Here he is pictured with Jake and Sam, college interns at IntelliEvent, and IntelliEvent CEO Don Romeka. Eric also attended an InfoComm dinner hosted by the Event Production Network (EPN). AVFX and CEAVCO are proud members of both AV Alliance and EPN, whose members are among the best event production companies in the industry.

IntelliEvent is an event management software that provides comprehensive solutions for planning, organizing, and executing events. With features such as registration management, attendee tracking, scheduling, and financial management, IntelliEvent helps streamline event operations, enhance attendee experiences, and optimize event success through efficient event planning and execution.

IntelliEvent has been a strong supporter of AV Alliance and the Event Production Network for many years, and all of us at AVFX and CEAVCO appreciate their industry insights and their partnership.

Let’s Explore the Future of Audiovisual Innovation Together!

By attending InfoComm, our team learns about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the meetings and events industry. Attending InfoComm offers us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of audiovisual technology, gain knowledge, expand our networks, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements. It’s one of many reasons why we’re able to offer innovative solutions and provide exceptional value to our clients.

Exciting possibilities lie ahead! Demonstrating new products and services in complex industries can be a challenge in the trade show market. Let us show you how to get the job done!  Reach out to discuss how we can make sure your audience loves what they see and hear.

InfoComm is an international trade show and conference focused on the professional audiovisual and information communications technology industries. It’s a platform for industry professionals, including manufacturers, integrators, consultants, and end-users, to showcase and explore the latest innovations, solutions, and trends in audiovisual technology, digital signage, unified communications, collaboration systems, and more. The event typically features a comprehensive exhibition where companies demonstrate the latest and greatest products and services, along with educational sessions, training programs, and networking opportunities. InfoComm plays a vital role in fostering knowledge exchange, industry growth, and business development within the meetings and events industry.