Cable Hall of Fame 2023 - CEAVCO Event Production

The 26th annual Cable Hall of Fame 2023 event took place at Ziegfeld Ballroom in midtown Manhattan on April 27. The event celebrates cable industry trailblazers and their lasting impact. This year, five cable industry leaders and acclaimed TV comedy HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm were honored.

As the technical producer for the prestigious awards program, CEAVCO oversees the event and the vendor partners, providing stage direction and audiovisual production and directing a three-camera shoot. We manage many moving parts, including scheduling, labor management, video and audio systems, lighting management, scenic and staging, and post-event video editing.

Because this high-profile Cable Hall of Fame 2023 event is produced by and for industry leaders, the expectations of both the Cable Center’s executive team and the C-level attendees are extremely high. Since 2006, CEAVCO has worked closely with the Cable Center to create an exceptional event experience for the attendees.

Each year, CEAVCO begins with the end in mind, tying together scenic and video elements of the production to make sure the show feels cohesive in its design, as well as fresh and new. Themes and event branding are fundamental elements for planners and producers, and we supported this effort in the scenic, lighting, show videos, slide production, and post-event media. A unified motion graphics package was created for show content created by up to five different producers. The result was that all the media related to the event shared the same look and feel.

CEAVCO has long served as the Cable Center’s trusted partner, and their executive team appreciates our collaborative partnership, our detail-oriented production approach, and the dedicated support and follow-through of our team. We look forward to continuing our collaborative partnership for many years to come.


The Cable Hall of Fame recognizes the most innovative and influential leaders in the connectivity, content, and entertainment business. The annual event recognizes top leaders and innovators for exceptional dedication to the industry. Since 1998, 153 luminaries have been inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.