GlueCon Developer Conference

GlueCon Developer Conference

CEAVCO has provided audio visual production support for the GlueCon Developer Conference (and its predecessors) since 2005. Our team always begins with the end in mind. We choose the technology best suited to the venue and the event goals, optimize the available space and resources, and provide onsite expertise to make sure presenters look and sound their best and keep the audience engaged.

The annual conference is held at the Four Diamond Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado. Our team accommodates a complex general session in the main ballroom, which serves as a multipurpose room that is used for both the general session and one of three breakout tracks. The ballroom is never fully empty or unused for any significant period of time, thus optimizing the use of the resort space, which is at a premium.

To support these tightly scheduled rooms and ensure seamless technology usage, we use a small private network and shared folder system that allow presenters to provide and preview content in a speaker-ready area set up outside the main ballroom.

Throughout the event planning and implementation, our team always keeps audience needs in mind. For example, at many conferences the in-person audience has to choose between paying attention to the presenters and paying attention to the presentations themselves.

To address this challenge, we modified the stage design so presenters can stay physically close to their material. Audience sight lines direct the audience’s attention to both the slide shows and the presenters, so presenters and their slide shows are simultaneously featured as audience focal points.

The intentional design of the GlueCon Developer Conference enables presenters to connect with the audience in a thoughtful, highly effective way that doesn’t detract from the audience’s ability to see and hear the presentation content. The GlueCon organizers appreciate our commitment to making each event better than the one before and ensuring their audience loves what they see and hear.


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