Hybrid Events Guide

Best Practices from 1,000+ Hybrid Events

EPN members, including CEAVCO, have delivered 1,000+ hybrid events, and we want to share our real-world expertise and experience with you. The EPN Hybrid Events Guide will show you how to create memorable hybrid event experiences, plan for the unexpected, and drive results.

The guide covers:

  • Top 25 AV questions that meeting planners and event organizers need to ask their AV partner when creating a hybrid event plan
  • Tips for engaging both in-person and virtual audiences
  • Strategies for designing and producing exceptional hybrid events that educate, entertain, and inspire


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Hybrid Events Are the Wave of the Future

The pandemic didn’t create hybrid events — but it did make them more valuable. Reaching both a live audience and a virtual one isn’t new, but the best practices have evolved greatly over the past two years. Hybrid events exemplify how you can bring your customers, clients, and members closer from afar.

Hybrid events require more strategic planning and more investment. In many ways, hybrid events have way more moving parts than in-person events or virtual events. More complexity means more budget management and more planning – sooner rather than later. The benefits can include more engagement, better headliners, and greater outcomes.

Why You Need This Hybrid Events Guide

CEAVCO is the founding member of EPN, a highly selective professional organization of top-tier North American audio visual production companies. EPN members have delivered 1,000+ hybrid events, and now we want to share our best practices from the front lines. Our new EPN AV Guide to Hybrid Events will help you create memorable event experiences and drive engagement and results.