Colorado Innovation Network AV Production

Colorado Innovation Think Tank

The Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) is a catalyst for economic prosperity through innovation by partnering with government, business. COIN, in partnership with Comcast, needed a fast-turnaround creative solution for a global innovation summit that would connect outdoor and indoor events and optimize audio, video, lighting, and staging in multiple challenging spaces. They chose CEAVCO as their trusted partner, leveraging our audio visual production expertise for a marquis innovation think tank event that draws diverse leaders, innovators, and thinkers from around the globe.

The event was held inside the historic McNichols Building in Denver, Colorado, as well as in a newly built outdoor structure where change makers brainstormed ways to use technology to solve the problems of the future. CEAVCO designed an innovative audio visual solution for the temporary glass structure (the Xfinity Innovation Think Tank), enabling brainstorming activities to be recorded within the tight space. The video from the think tank was then broadcast inside the building to connect the indoor and outdoor events and entertain hundreds of attendees. CEAVCO’s strategic use of audio visual technology also enabled Colorado’s governor to hold a fun interactive video interview with his prerecorded self inside the building.

CEAVCO’s design of the look, feel, and focus of this complex, multi-stakeholder event helped to engage attendees, who loved the interactive indoor/outdoor experience. Our highly skilled team has the expertise and equipment needed to deliver our clients’ visions, providing ongoing communication, lots of collaboration, and exceptional service from start to finish.

In particular, CEAVCO worked within the physical constraints of the outdoor and indoor environments, finding creative ways to optimize audio, visual, and lighting in spaces with limited power. We jumped in with just 30 days’ lead time, and planned to achieve a successful outcome by beginning with the end in mind. Everything went off without a hitch.