Junior Achievement Audio Visual Production

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Junior Achievement AV Production

W.C. Fields once said, “Never work with children or animals.” While kids and animals are scene stealers, they’re also often too unpredictable to rely on in a professional production setting. As every meeting and event planner knows, reliability and experience are usually essential to executing a successful event.

However, sometimes children play a very important role in presentations and events. Take, for example, Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, a national organization whose mission is to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential. Each year, roughly 1,000 attendees pay tribute to Colorado’s distinguished business leaders at the annual Colorado Business Hall of Fame, and Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain students have the honor of highlighting the accomplishments of these new laureates.

As Junior Achievement’s trusted audio visual production partner, CEAVCO strategizes ways to ensure the event will go smoothly. In fact, we begin with the end in mind, focusing on all of the Junior Achievement AV production core elements of every presentation, including video, audio, lighting, staging, set design, and presentation delivery. We make sure the room setup, lighting, and sound make the presenters look and sound great, as well as do everything we can to help meeting and event planners and their presenters put on an exceptional event that entertains, educates, and delights attendees.

A great way to overcome inexperience and unpredictability involves training and practice. To help the students shine on stage, Junior Achievement leaders work with our team to coach the kids during rehearsals. Giving these young speakers the tools they need to make their event presentations more powerful ultimately keeps audience engagement high. As it turns out, what the kids lack in experience is offset by their sheer enthusiasm and ability to engage and inspire the audience. Every year, the Colorado Business Hall of Fame event is a standout.


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