American Cancer Society Cattle Barons Ball AV Services

American Cancer Society Cattle Barons Ball

CEAVCO has provided support for the largest annual American Cancer Society fundraiser in Colorado, the Cattle Barons Ball. The American Cancer Society has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars at this high-profile event.

As one example, CEAVCO managed comprehensive audio, video, and lighting for an evening event inside an enormous 43,000 square foot tent with fine dining, dancing, live auctions, stage shows, and headline entertainment by music legends. Because each year’s event is larger and more challenging than the last, CEAVCO meets with the American Cancer Society throughout the year to map out a collective vision, then selects a location. Audio visual equipment setup requires the efforts of more than a dozen people over a two-day period.

The multiple stages of each large-scale event have their own sequenced audio visual needs. Staked tent environments have little infrastructure and considerable weather concerns. CEAVCO uses ground-supported lighting, screens mounted from trussed tent tops, and front and rear projection. We maintain ample lighting throughout the space, changing the interior colors to reflect sunset, twilight, and atmospheric red lighting at night.

Challenging environments require innovative audio visual solutions. Clients choose to hold large-scale events outdoors when they want to do the following:

  • Produce prominent events that require a collaborative creative vision and long-term, detail-oriented planning.
  • Provide exceptional audio, video, and lighting in a complex, hard-to-rig temporary structure within an outdoor setting.
  • Create a multifaceted event that includes dining, dancing, and stage shows. Increase audience engagement, helping to ensure attendees have a memorable experience.
  • Increase audience engagement, helping to ensure attendees have a memorable experience.

The Cattle Barons Ball has often changed venue and had a unique event design. CEAVCO has worked closely with the event chairpersons and other stakeholders throughout the year to plan the event in order to integrate their vision and our expertise into a standout design with a distinctive look and feel. There’s a lot riding on the success of this event, but the American Cancer Society knows that CEAVCO will deliver.


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