Seamless Radiology Exhibit (RSNA)

Seamless Radiology Exhibit RSNA

Philips Seamless Radiology Exhibit at RSNA

AVFX provided the technical direction for a Philips seamless radiology exhibit at the RSNA conference. The project began as an effort to bring a 2D infographic to life. The resulting exhibit was a dramatic structure displaying 3D augmented reality (AR) videos. Visitors were able to interact with the imagery through Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Live Marketing managed the customer engagement storytelling process and produced the videos and the AR experience, which told the Seamless Radiology story through testimonials of people involved at all stages of the process. Czarnowski designed and fabricated the overall booth highlighted by the Seamless Radiology Experience. AVFX projection mapped and blended imagery from 12 ultra-short throw projectors around the curved and angled structure into one seamless panoramic image.

Nearly 200 professional radiologists and decision makers experienced this interactive technology and learned what differentiates Philips from its competitors.


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