“We considered doing it ourselves, but we thought our audience deserved better. That’s why we reached out to CEAVCO.
We knew we needed the help of an expert production company.”

Don’t minimize the importance of the technical and professional details when your brand and reputation are on the line. Trust the experts.

Hybrid meetings and events are the new normal, and they require strategy, planning, support, and seamless execution. In fact, the stakes are even higher with virtual events than with live events. With virtual events, attendees will stick around only if you provide relevant, well-produced content and deliver an exceptional experience.

You need an experienced team that will manage your hybrid events and all event production with the same attention to detail as live events. From simple townhalls to large-scale, complex conferences with a global audience, we are committed to providing professional production value and achieving outstanding outcomes for you and your audience.

Hybrid Event Types and Solutions

Together, we can record, broadcast, publish, archive, and view the following kinds of events:

  • Corporate and association conferences
  • Keynote addresses and breakouts
  • Workshops, classes, and training
  • Panel discussions
  • Fundraisers, galas, and award shows
  • Product launches
  • Public announcements
  • Sales meetings and presentations
  • Town halls and internal meetings
  • Theatrical performances

Our hybrid event solutions include the following:

  • Webcasting
  • Live broadcasting
  • Livestreaming and simulcasting
  • Audio design and production
  • Video design and production
  • Lighting design
  • Set design and stage design
  • 3D renderings
  • Presentation (PowerPoint/Keynote) design
  • Video design and editing
  • Educational and brand video development
  • Storyboarding and script development
  • Floor/stage direction
  • Technical support and staffing

Custom Solutions for Hybrid Events

You need to reach live and remote audiences and communicate with them effectively. Choose an event partner that gives your hybrid events the professional look and feel your audience expects. Look for high-quality, scalable audio visual production solutions, including in-studio and on-location filming, content capture and editing, reliable webcasts, broadcast-quality conference live-streaming, and live and on-demand audience access to your content.

We’re partnering with businesses, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, and performing arts centers to prerecord or livestream keynote presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussions, award shows, town halls, fundraisers, galas, performances, workshops, customer activations, and classes.

Our clients expect the following:

  • Video, audio, lighting, and staging expertise
  • Collaboration, new ideas, and responsive service
  • Someone to take technology worry off their plates

Whether you need prerecorded content, live hosting, or a combination of the two, we can handle your video production and editing, as well as stream and host your content—all while helping you eliminate technical difficulties, bringing you peace of mind, and making sure your team and your presenters look good. Let’s create a memorable hybrid event experience!

Virtual Event Platform

Use our feature-rich, end-to-end virtual event platform, a custom WordPress site that we build for you, or your own platform, and we’ll manage the behind-the-scenes details and handle the live production. We can also create custom, branded web portals for your events. Your attendees will be able to navigate virtual events — keynotes, general sessions, and breakouts — from one central location. Included in this solution are registration integration, sponsor interaction spaces, impromptu 1:1 meetup locations, and networking.

You can use conference technologies such as Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting and streaming technologies such as Vimeo, LiveStream, and YouTube to communicate your message to your audience. We’ll eliminate glitches and provide live support and a scalable content delivery network that adapts to site traffic. No help tickets. No slowdowns due to large numbers of simultaneous viewers. No bored, unengaged audiences. Leave the technology integration to us.

World-Class Studio

Need to pre-record portions of your virtual events to reduce risk and make sure your presentations hit the mark? Hoping to mix in some live footage, including a panel discussion, polling, and interactive audience Q&A? Then you should check out our in-house studio.

We create custom audio visual solutions that will enable you to produce highly effective virtual events without the stress of technology coordination and management.

Pre-record or livestream your event content in our professional studios with CEAVCO techs guiding every step of the way. We can produce single-session recordings or multiple concurrent sessions tailored to meet your needs.

CEAVCO Studio Details
  • Up to four people at a time delivering talks with or without slides and videos.
  • Flexible half-day and full-day production schedules.
  • Webcasts and recording, including live view of the presenters and their content.
  • Managed meeting platform with operators to help with any tech needs.
  • Pre-show rehearsals and table reads, complete with cues and media.
  • Custom projection and color schemes.
  • Custom, brand-specific staging and décor.
  • Training on how the platform works.
  • Best practices on how to address remote attendees and handle Q&A.
  • Remotely connected audience, large or small.

Location-based Production

Ready to produce an event in our studios? Hoping to shoot in your boardroom or lobby? Want to film in a theater, art gallery, or outdoor space? We’re ready to help.
Our clients want a partner that helps them develop collaborative solutions. They also want to raise the level of production value. We manage the process and help your vision come to life.

Nationwide Production Support

We can handle your video and audio production anywhere in North America through our partnership with our Event Production Network (EPN) and AV Alliance affiliates.
CEAVCO is a founding member of EPN, a professional organization of top-tier audio visual production companies that provide a consistent level of expertise and event production experience.

Editing and Creative Services

We shoot promotional videos, build professional presentations,  and create renderings, highlight reels, graphics, and podcasts. We edit recorded content to put your presenters in the best light.
If there’s one thing we know, it’s this: taking virtual events from good to great requires creativity, drive, and team-wide commitment to our clients’ success.


College and University Audio Visual Rentals and Support

These days, courses are offered both in person and online, and colleges are renting CEAVCO’s $6 million audio visual inventory.

With CEAVCO’s help, our client turned large common-area spaces throughout the campus into classrooms configured for appropriate social distancing, something not possible in a traditional classroom.

U.S. Senate Candidate Forum

The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation recently hosted the U.S. Senate Candidate Forum. CEAVCO handled the live-streaming and video production in our in-house studios.

The engaging virtual event gave Coloradans the chance to hear from the candidates on such issues as economic development, health care, job creation, and education.

Colorado Symphony String Duet Perform at CEAVCO Studio

The Colorado Symphony has found new ways to share performances with virtual audiences.

Their solution: use world-class resources like CEAVCO Studios. CEAVCO has streamed speeches, performances, panel discussions, and other stage content for Colorado Symphony audiences hungry for live events, virtual events, and hybrid event experiences.

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting

We combined live presentations with multiple camera angles, prerecorded videos, a dynamic panel discussion, and interactive polling and chat in a single event.

The event had a much higher level of production value than typical Zoom meetings. Working together at one of CEAVCO’s studios, we elevated the audience experience.

Virtual Events That Run Like Clockwork

A national medical industry association wanted their annual meeting to feel more professional than a typical Zoom meeting.

CEAVCO provided script guidelines, graphics, show direction, and Zoom management (registration, voting, breakouts, and a waiting room). We also handled cameras, lighting, switching, and two-way audio.

Denver Post Top Workplaces Awards

The Denver Post recognized 150 companies in Colorado as Top Workplaces. The virtual event included pre-recorded video content and in-studio filming. In-studio portions of the event were recorded at CEAVCO’s world-class studios. In addition, CEAVCO edited the presentation into a tightly timed, engaging video appropriate for online audiences.

Go Hybrid

Should you cancel, postpone, or go hybrid with your next event? Start by asking these questions:

  • What audio, video, and lighting technology and digital platform should you use?
  • What extra steps can you take to reinforce your credibility and keep attendees tuned in?
  • How good is your pre-show? Do you know how to develop a “run of show”? How will transitions take place? How will you deliver prerecorded videos?
  • How can you make the event engaging by adding a Q&A component or audience callouts?

If these questions seem overwhelming, don’t worry. We can help you understand what’s possible for your hybrid events based on your goals, expectations, and budget.

Hybrid Events: Benefits and Opportunities

Hybrid events have their share of advantages, including the following:

  1. Capture attention by thinking cinematically. Virtual and live audiences both have short attention spans, so create effective, smaller chunks of content that they can consume in less time. Add in more intentional breaks, and you may actually increase engagement.
  2. Lower your overhead. Organizations that take their events virtual can achieve much higher margins because there is no cost for a venue, a valet, or a catered chicken dinner.
  3. Offer on-demand consumption and expand your reach. Live events are about immediate delivery, but that’s not how virtual audiences consume information. Now you can reach portions of your market that wouldn’t have attended your in-person events and even increase your ROI.

How to Create Hybrid Event Engagement

Hear what AVFX President Matt Emerson has to say about hybrid engagement in meetings and events. As he notes In The Startup, organizations must create entertaining and educational content to show they value their audience’s time.

Professional webcasting and livestreaming are customizable, cost-effective solutions for virtual events that can help organizations connect with as many people as possible in real time.

Exceptional Experiences Don’t Happen by Accident

Your video must be of the highest quality, and your audio must be crisp and clear. Your lighting has to direct the audience’s focus and interest, and tightly timed editing must engage the audience at every turn. You won’t settle for anything less than an exceptional experience.

If that sounds like you, we should talk.

An exceptional experience doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a professional behind-the-scenes team to enable the magic that unfolds onstage. That team must know the ins and outs of how to produce and support both in-person and hybrid events.

Hybrid events aren’t going away anytime soon. The good news: If you adapt to the new digital reality, you will have a decisive edge.

Reach out to talk about your next show. You will love what you see and hear! Email us at