XEROCON - Conference Event Production

Xero is a game-changing software company headquartered in New Zealand. Xero is known for thinking outside the box, so they weren’t going to choose just any venue for the Xerocon Conference, an innovative conference for leaders in cloud accounting. Xero ultimately chose CEAVCO as their AV production partner and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts as their venue. The center is a world-class facility designed for stage productions – and an unconventional location for corporate events.

About the XeroCon Conference

More and more, companies and associations are choosing to hold events in unconventional spaces such as airplane hangers, museums, mountaintop ski lodges, warehouses, and outside tents. These spaces can pose their share of challenges. For example, at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts the rigging points and the seating layouts were much more challenging – and much less conventional – than in a typical flat ballroom or exhibit space. At the same time, the space brought significant benefits. The seats at the Denver Center were much more comfortable than folding ballroom chairs. Attendees attended the Xerocon Conference to learn, and the relaxed, theatrical environment greatly increased attendees’ engagement with the information presented.

The event took place in three theaters and a ballroom, so it was critical that CEAVCO and the center’s in-house crew collaborate closely. While the center’s in-house crew doesn’t typically handle corporate events, their venue knowledge combined with CEAVCO’s industry expertise enabled the team to work well together. One key goal of this innovative event was to keep attendee energy levels high and exceed their expectations. Together, CEAVCO and the Denver Center crew were successful on both counts.

Through exceptional teamwork, CEAVCO’s staff and the Denver Center staff created a highly customized event experience that captured and held the attendees’ attention. As it turns out, events held in unconventional spaces often result in greater attendee enthusiasm and participation. In addition, unconventional spaces like the Denver Center don’t have to be risky or costly, especially when you choose an audio visual production partner experienced in turning traditional events into something exciting and new.