Jack Emerson, Founder of CEAVCO Audio Visual

On January 21, CEAVCO celebrated its 55th birthday. Jack Emerson’s original vision from 1961 is still at the core of CEAVCO’s success today.

Says Jack: “When I came to Colorado to explore opportunities, federal funds were being invested in education, and schools were buying a lot of audio visual equipment. I saw it as a good opportunity because I had always wanted to be in business for myself and live where I wanted to live.”

Today, the company is run by Jack’s son, Matt. “I have an early memory as a child of being taught a lesson about honesty and integrity,” Matt says, “and that lesson has stuck with me throughout my entire life. We’ve incorporated those values into the company — we’re committed to always doing the right thing for the client.”

Jack knew from the start that surrounding himself with the right people was key to the success of his business. “You have to be ready to adapt to changes in the marketplace and changes in technology,” he says, “and we have done that over the years. A great place to work attracts really good people, and really good people attract customers.”