CEAVCO Audio Visual is excited to have acquired our new headquarters building on Ward Road in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Construction work is in progress in the office area, and the team is in the process of choosing new furniture for the building. We are also working on a landscape design that includes new trees and bushes as well as a patio area.

The new warehouse is already fully operational. The 25,000sf warehouse is 2.5 times larger than our current warehouse, which will enable us to operate more efficiently and grow. The warehouse team started working out of the new building last month, and they are loving the new space. Not only has the new warehouse dramatically increased our capacity, but it’s also boosting the productivity and morale of the team.

The rest of CEAVCO’s team will likely move to the new building sometime in April. Everyone at CEAVCO is excited about this move and can’t wait to relocate! (We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we near the actual move date.)