Without the opportunity to entertain live audiences, the Colorado Symphony has had to find innovative ways to record and share musical performances. One creative solution has been to take advantage of world-class resources like CEAVCO Studio.

The Colorado Symphony and other cultural and arts organizations have been working with CEAVCO to record, edit, host, and stream artistic performances, speeches, panel discussions, and other stage content for audiences who are hungry for unique live, virtual, and hybrid experiences.

Many Coloradans look forward to the day when the Colorado Symphony will again perform at Boettcher Concert Hall. Until then, the show must go on. As the world has changed, CEAVCO has changed with it to enable our clients to continue to engage their audiences and deliver value. While we still handle corporate and association live events, we now also offer virtual production and support for conferences, town halls, fundraisers, galas, award shows, stage performances, and many other virtual events.

Those who adapt their leadership to the new digital reality will have a decisive edge. To learn what’s possible, reach out to set up a virtual tour of CEAVCO Studio and our new virtual event platform. You will love what you see and hear in virtual, hybrid, and live events! solutions@ceavco.com