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To support a global investment firm, CEAVCO provided a large LED wall and a custom stage backdrop, along with video, audio, lighting, staffing, and support.


CEAVCO supported a large-scale global partners meeting at the new North American headquarters of a leading global private markets firm. The new headquarters is located in the Denver metropolitan area. Their team consists of over 1,600 professionals representing close to 60 nationalities across 20 offices throughout North America, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, India, China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. Over the past 25 years, the firm has invested almost two hundred billion in private equity, private debt, private real estate, and private infrastructure on behalf of their clients.

To plan for the event, we began by learning about the client’s expectations and determining how to best achieve the results in an unconventional event space. The event gave the client the opportunity to introduce partners from around the world to the new campus and reinforce the company’s brand identity and values. The firm is a committed, responsible investor that aims to create sustainable returns with lasting, positive impact for all of their stakeholders. The goal was to create a look and feel for the event that would clearly reflect their corporate brand, free up their staff to focus on other tasks, and bring their entire team peace of mind. 

The annual meeting required several days of setup and preparation. To support our client, CEAVCO provided a large LED wall and a custom stage backdrop, along with video, audio, lighting, staffing, and support. The client used their purpose-built auditorium for portions of the event. However, the scale of what they wanted to achieve involved removing cubicles from a wing of the building to create another large, open event space.

The tech requirements for the event also included an extremely large (64’ x 17’), curved LED video wall. Significant engineering was involved, including load calculations to make sure the pre-engineered, raised flooring system had the capacity to handle the heavy weight of the LED wall.

To ensure our client created an exceptional experience, we drew upon our in-house video, audio, and staging expertise, as well as LED and display expertise from AVFX Boston. Now that CEAVCO is part of AVFX, we have the opportunity to leverage complementary skills more efficiently for the benefit of our clients across the country.

From beginning to end, CEAVCO raised the caliber of production to meet the expectations of the global audience. By all accounts, it was a stunning event.

Custom Stage Backdrop That Aligns with the Space

CEAVCO provided a large LED wall and a custom stage backdrop, along with video, audio, lighting, staffing, and support for a large-scale global partners meeting. It was a stunning event!

CEAVCO provided a large LED wall and a custom stage backdrop, along with video, audio, lighting, staffing, and support for a large-scale global partners meeting. It was a stunning event!

The firm’s 130,000 sf state-of-the-art North American headquarters was an ambitious design/build project. It began with a vision of a 100-year-old factory building (steel, iron, exposed brick, and large-scale windows). Modern materials and methods turned that vision into a reality. Brick played an important role in achieving this vision, as do single-pane windows found in turn-of-the-century factories. The design intent was to create an industrial-style campus that symbolizes the company’s core values of being responsible and hands-on partners to the businesses they invest in on behalf of their clients.

The architecture, in turn, greatly influenced the event design. The client wanted to align the look and feel of the stage areas with the design aesthetic of the space, so we created a custom stage backdrop with a “wow” factor. To accomplish this goal, we used a theatrical backdrop alternative called AV-Drop.

AV-Drop is a contemporary solution that offers a clean, eye-catching, non-drape option for finishing the room. Reusable fabric skins are stretched over a reusable frame made entirely of aluminum. The modular framework can be used to create backdrops of any size or shape, allowing for customization and reuse. The framework itself is easily configurable and simple to set up.

A custom fabric print on an AV-Drop modular frame can be used to display corporate logos, brand messaging, desired color schemes, or elements of the event theme. The custom design can be laser printed on fabric (vs. stenciled or painted scenic), which can provide color-accurate scenery that matches your event design or your corporate brand standards. The result is a much cleaner, more professional, more visually appealing look.

We took advantage of these capabilities to create a visually stunning custom stage backdrop for the event. It was extremely important to the client that the event reflect the aesthetic of the new corporate campus’ old-world, turn-of-the-century industrial feel. The client wanted to control audience focus on the stage, presenters, and video and graphics content by integrating the backdrop into the existing architectural design. Instead of covering “dead space” or distracting room elements with black drape, we wrapped much of the façade of the stage with custom-printed fabric skins that resemble rusted iron. The design integrated seamlessly into the venue’s architectural design and décor and heightened the visual impact of this event.

AV-Drop offers a more cohesive, contemporary look and feel than traditional pipe and drape while also saving money, time, labor, and space. And, as our client discovered, attendees noticed that they extended the event’s design elements beyond the video screen. The event space was gorgeous, and the audience took notice.

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