If you want to amp up the “wow” factor at your meetings and events, you may want to go beyond the basics, which means investing more in the audio visual (AV) technology you use. To that end, the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) recently asked industry leaders to share tips on how to make a case for expanding their AV budget.

Says Eric Newkirk, CEAVCO Audio Visual Vice President of Design and Creative, “We often hear from meeting planners about how they want to ‘up the wow factor.’ The ability to create a wow factor is directly tied to increasing AV spending. If you keep the budget the same, you will run out of options pretty quickly.”

If you want to attract older attendees, consider providing assisted listening devices or live captioning. “It’s money well spent if you’re attracting people who might not otherwise be able to attend a live event due to impairment,” Eric says.

Here’s another tip: the type of event production displays used depends on the size and scope of each event. “If a client is doing a big product launch and it’s a big-risk event with big impact, you’ll want to go with a bigger impact display,” Eric says. “But if you’re giving a business update to internal staff, you can use a lower impact display. It’s also important to consider if myou need to record the event, do video conferencing, or livestream.”

Finally, adding a little to the budget can give you a lot in return for your investment. “It means you can lower your risk and potential for something to go wrong,” Eric says. “If your audience enjoys the experience, can hear and see well, and gets inspired by the message — and nothing gets in the way of technology enhancing the delivery of that message — then the time and money are well spent.”

You can read RSN’s entire article here: https://rentalandstaging.net/why-its-important-to-make-the-case-for-expanding-your-av-budget/.