AV Alliance Members in GreeceIn October, CEAVCO Audio Visual president Matt Emerson delivered a presentation on InfoComm’s Exceptional Experience at the 5th AV Alliance Get-Together Meeting in Athens, Greece.

To define exceptional experiences in audio visual technology, InfoComm engaged Gravity Tank, an innovative consultancy firm out of Chicago that interviewed dozens of end users, technology managers, event producers, integrators, and consultants in the AV space.

Matt presented the results of their research. As he described in the presentation, content, space, and technology, when combined, are greater than the sum of their parts—enabling strategic AV production companies to create immersive, thought-provoking experiences that are rich in content and memorable for all the right reasons.
Matt Photo Exceptional Experience
During the presentation, Matt shared examples of exceptional experiences in AV from Aram Multimedia, Blitz Communications, Pearl Group, Bluewater, Habegger (IOC), Satis-fy, Bright Group, and Gearhouse.

For more information about InfoComm’s Exceptional Experience, check out the video at http://theexceptionalexperience.com.