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Due to concerns about the newest coronavirus, some work-based travel is being limited or curtailed, and some meetings and conferences are being rescheduled or even canceled. Even if it is still too early to know if COVID-19 will pose a threat to your next event, it is important to consider the alternatives.

Webcasting and Streaming Virtual Event Solutions

Webcasting and live streaming are cost-effective options to ensure your next meeting reaches as many people as possible in real time. Our skilled team can produce single session recordings or multiple concurrent session recordings customized to meet your specific needs. Our team regularly travels with our clients, and we can handle all aspects of your video and audio production anywhere in North America.

Interactive, Customized, Cost-Effective Solutions

You can use our technology-driven virtual solutions for any size events in order to:

  • Minimize travel for event attendees and avoid large, public gatherings.
  • Reassure sponsors they can capture attendee attention in a virtual way.
  • Preserve your registration and sponsorship revenue stream.
  • Offer Continuing Education (CE) credit opportunities for remote attendees.
  • Create and distribute abstracts, posters, and handouts.
  • Record and edit your webcasts to create educational videos and training materials.

Virtual Meeting and Event Types

With CEAVCO’s help, meeting organizers and attendees can record, broadcast, publish, archive, and view the following kinds of meetings and events:

  • Corporate and association meetings and conferences
  • Keynote addresses
  • Educational sessions and classes
  • Live events
  • Product launches
  • Public announcements
  • Sales meetings and presentations
  • Town halls

High-Value Webcasting and Live Streaming Solutions

Our solutions include the following:

  • Webcast management and live broadcasting/live streaming
  • Audio and video design and production
  • 3D renderings, show staging, and set design
  • Lighting design
  • Presentation (PowerPoint and Keynote) design
  • Video design and editing
  • Brand and educational video development
  • Storyboarding and script development
  • Technical support and staffing

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