Your meeting or event is coming up, and you have to decide whether it can continue in-person or if it will need to be cancelled, be postponed, or go virtual. Start with these questions:

  • Will your attendees be missing out if you postpone or cancel? Is now the right time to build a virtual or hybrid event strategy?
  • What audio, video, and lighting technology and digital tools should you use to give your event a professional look and feel?
  • What extra steps can you take to reinforce your credibility and keep attendees tuned in?

Answering these questions can prove challenging. We can help you understand what’s possible based on your goals, expectations, and budget. Take an online tour of our virtual event management platform or set up an in-person or virtual tour of our new studio (it’s so popular that we’re building a second one). Or let us know what equipment you’d like to rent from our $6M inventory.

We’re collaborating with businesses, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, and performing arts centers to live stream classes, workshops, performances, presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. Together, we can create an exceptional virtual, in-person or hybrid event experience that goes off without a hitch. Better yet, we can make sure your audience loves what they see and hear.

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