Strategies to Ensure Your Events Have a Massive Impact

Meeting and event planners need to think outside the box to capture the attention of attendees who’ve seen and heard it all. Why not give them something new?

With the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop, Colorado might just be one of the most exhilarating places you can hold an event any time of year.

In this fast-paced, informative webinar, Eric Newkirk, CEAVCO Audio Visual’s Vice President of Design and Creative, and Sidney Reed, Creative Services Manager, highlight these 10 reasons to hold your next event in Colorado:

1.   World-class venues, convention centers, and outdoor spaces
2.   Accessibility – Colorado is the gateway to the west
3.   Fantastic climate – the perfect location year round
4.   Great cities – Denver’s the place to be in 2018
5.   Vibrant culture and arts – museums, theatres, and galleries
6.   Culinary scene – award-winning restaurants and farm-to-table dining
7.   Breweries, wine bars, dive bars, and distilleries
8.   Quirky, off-the-beaten path experiences
9.   The great outdoors – ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and hike
10. National parks, including world-famous Rocky Mountain National Park

If you’re looking to change up your meetings and events, think about holding your next event in Colorado. And if you’re looking for information about the resources and recommendations shared in the webinar, reach out. We’d love to help!

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