Pipe and drape is designed to divide an event space, hide distracting elements of the venue, or decorate a venue temporarily. It can add color to what would normally be a plain backdrop. However, many meeting and event planners are tired of the basic pipe and drape look being the only way to finish out the room. Pipe and drape doesn’t add new visual elements to the stage or enhance the environment. (And if you have a sleek, clean stage design, why stop at the video screens?)

One cost-effective alternative to pipe and drape is AV Drop. AV Drop is a modular stage backdrop made by a company called Drape Kings. It’s a compact and reusable system designed to be set up quickly by combining a small number of pieces and parts. It has an aluminum framework that comes in a variety of sizes that fit the room.

Velcro fabric skins attach to that framework to build out the width you need depending on the space available.Traditional pipe and drape uses the pliability of fabric to be as tall or wide as you need it to be, giving it a standard plush, drape finish. AV Drop, on the other hand, extends the design elements beyond the video screen, giving you a much cleaner non-drape option for finishing the room.

AV Drop has been a trend in Europe for a few years now, and it’s finally being adopted in the U.S. at the corporate level. In fact, it’s poised to be a top event trend in 2019. As a design-conscious, flexible solution, AV Drop offers a more cohesive, contemporary backdrop while also saving materials, time, and space.

Best of all, it’s cost-effective and easy to implement. That means meeting and event planners can work with their AV production partner to start using AV Drop right away. Chances are attendees will notice – and they’ll like what they see.

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