When an event goes as planned, no one blinks. But when something goes wrong, especially with the video, audio, or lighting, everyone notices. And who’s held accountable? The meeting planner.

That’s why it’s so important for meeting and event planners to build relationships with an audiovisual production partner they can trust. Meeting planners tell us they want to create exceptional event experiences. Their partner needs to take their events as seriously as they do and start with the end in mind. Their partner also needs to think about the event from every angle and share ideas that make each event better than the year before.

CEAVCO Audio Visual is committed to making sure nothing slips through the cracks. We provide full-service meeting, event, and conference production, including event strategy, video, audio, lighting, set design, and creative services for general sessions and breakout rooms. We strive to bring planners peace of mind, reinforce their reputation, and make them look good. By being a partner they can count on, we make sure planners and their clients always love what they see and hear.


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