With every presentation, content matters. That’s why CEAVCO Audio Visual has partnered with professional presentation coach Meridith Grundei.Meridith loves to work with presenters who aren’t professional speakers – that’s where her magic comes into play. She gives speakers at all skill levels the tools they need to make their event presentations more powerful, and that in turn keeps audience engagement high.She begins by meeting with the presenter and running through a range of coaching techniques designed to make the presentation more impactful through storytelling and the use of humor, ultimately achieving an improvisational feel that allows the presenter to connect with the audience. She also collaborates closely with CEAVCO to understand the video, audio, lighting, and staging details that will inform her coaching and make each individual presentation better.

Meredith strives to help speakers achieve the best performance possible based on each presenter’s goals and personality. Simply put, having Meridith available to provide speaker coaching on CEAVCO’s client events results in more effective – and engaging – presentations.

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