CEAVCO Audio Visual’s Creative Services department designs and produces content to engage audiences from the beginning of a show to the very end. Their efforts are nothing short of transformative.

For starters, Sidney Reed, CEAVCO’s Creative Services Manager, strives to make sure each show educates or entertains exactly the way CEAVCO’s clients envisioned. To achieve this ambitious goal, her team strives to capture the attention of fickle audiences who’ve seen just about everything. It’s no small task.

Sometimes they capture attention by transforming PowerPoint decks from generic and old to fresh and new. Or shooting captivating opening videos, films shown during the event, and post-show promotional videos. Or creating renderings, concept art, highlight reels, graphics, screen savers, and podcasts.

Says Sidney, “There’s a saying I like: ‘Show me, and I might forget, tell me and I may remember, but involve me and I will learn. I love the creative process. I love advising clients and really engaging audiences.’”

If there’s one thing CEAVCO knows, it’s this: taking a show from good to exceptional requires extra talent, creativity and drive – and a team-wide commitment to our clients and their show’s success.


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