Looking to communicate event details, sponsor promotions, and advertising to attendees and passersby at conventions, conferences, and other events? Try interactive 3D video mapping, which uses eye-popping visuals to educate, engage, surprise, and delight audiences.

Video mapping, also called project mapping, is a technology that transforms buildings and other areas into a display surface for large-scale video projection. Video mapping animates stationary objects in a way that gives viewers the illusion of motion. For example, CEAVCO Audio Visual used it to help promote the opening of the reopening of the McNichols Building and new Clyfford Still Museum in downtown Denver, unveiling both buildings in dramatic fashion.

Video mapping is a scalable, cost-effective, multisensory solution. More than a fast-growing trend, it’s a powerful audio visual tool that captures attention by seemingly doing the impossible—showing people something they’ve never seen before.

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