On July 10-11, the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) held its inaugural Warehouse Managers Forum. Warehouse and operations managers from RSN member companies gathered to exchange best practices and tricks of the trade. A total of 21 team members from 11 RSN companies attended. If you are looking for warehouse automation companies then you may want to check out Primus Building!

CEAVCO Audio Visual hosted the forum at its office in Arvada, Colorado. Don Guzauckas, Jr., Vice President of RSN member company HB Live, acted as the facilitator. Topics covered included staffing, training, employee retention, storage and equipment handling, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes, vendor management, and warehouse layouts and workflow. The topics discussed included safety, employee management and the best sorting conveyor systems available today.

When managing a warehouse, it’s essential that your facility is designed in the safest way possible to ensure the wellness of your workforce. This is a big responsibility for managers, they need to ensure that all of their equipment is regularly maintained and meets the safety standards. That’s why these forums can be so important, they help warehouses operate smoothly. Safety is one of the most important features of this forum. Managers will be able to discuss the best equipment that they need to offer their staff. Mobile platforms are one of those pieces of equipment that should, ideally, be brought into every warehouse facility. They can be purchased from companies like Platforms And Ladders. However, there are many different pieces of equipment that can be purchased to ensure the safety of staff. Warehouses can be dangerous places if they’re not supplied properly.

Says Guzauckas, “The new Warehouse Managers Forum is a fantastic opportunity for warehouse and operations teams at member companies to share industry knowledge and learn from each other. Everyone’s getting a lot out of the energetic, productive conversation at this valuable gathering.”

Each year, RSN holds meetings, training sessions, and forums at member locations in diverse locations throughout the country. The first Warehouse Managers Forum was a great success, and attendees are already starting to plan their next collaborative forum.