We’re excited to announce that we have started to host small group tours of CEAVCO Studio! CEAVCO Studio is an end-to-end virtual event solution that enables you to pre-record or livestream event content in a professional environment. CEAVCO techs guide every step to ensure your town hall meetings, keynote presentations, and other virtual events have a professional look and feel.

(Rest assured that our team members are taking all social distancing and safety precautions, including wearing masks, working staggered shifts, and adopting hand washing, housekeeping, and surface disinfection practices. In addition, our team members always stay home if they are feeling sick.)

Email solutions@ceavco.com to set up your small group CEAVCO Studio tour. Get a firsthand look at the space and learn how CEAVCO Studio might serve your virtual town hall, keynote, or other event needs. (CEAVCO’s $7.5M inventory is also available for local-area rentals. Reach out to learn more!)