Is technology minimizing or maximizing your presence? What are you communicating with your virtual background? How good is your pre-show?

In a recent article in The Startup, Craig Janssen asked CEAVCO Audio Visual President Matt Emerson to weigh in on ways to create virtual engagement in meetings and events. (Read the entire article here.)

Says Matt, “There are a couple of distinct advantages to meeting virtually. First, you can broaden your audience because both geography and the meeting time become irrelevant. We’ve seen people keep their content live for a window of time and achieve a much broader reach.”

“The second advantage is lower overhead,” Matt continues. “We’ve seen not-for-profit organizations take their events virtual and achieve much higher net take because there is no cost for a venue, valet, or a catered chicken dinner.”

Key questions addressed in the article: Does your event prioritize communication from the stage to the audience? Does the event also prioritize communication from the audience back to the stage? And does the event foster a sense of community by prioritizing communication among audience members?

Those who adapt their leadership to the new digital reality are going to have a decisive edge. Learn more by reading the entire article or emailing to set up a 10-minute virtual demo of CEAVCO’s turnkey, end-to-end virtual event management platform. We think you’ll love what you see and hear!