CEAVCO recently hosted a virtual town hall for employees to give members of the team the opportunity to share what they’ve been working on and stay in touch. Virtual town halls are a great way to elevate the virtual connection and reinforce a sense of community especially when the team can’t be together.

If you’re considering hosting a virtual town hall, we’re ready to help. Reach out or take a small group tour of CEAVCO Studio to get a firsthand look at how our end-to-end virtual event solution can enable you to pre-record or livestream content in a professional environment.

Together, we’ll elevate the virtual connection and help ensure your virtual town hall meetings, virtual keynotes, virtual presentations, and other virtual events go off without a hitch. (Rest assured that we’re taking all social distancing and safety precautions as well.)

Learn more about CEAVCO Studio: https://ceavcoprod.wpengine.com/virtual-events/

Schedule a CEAVCO Studio tour: solutions@ceavco.com