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CEAVCO Audio Visual Streamlines Operations and Grows Its Team

Over the past year, CEAVCO Audio Visual has hired a number of new employees to expand the company’s Management, Production, and Creative Services teams. Efforts to streamline operations and strengthen in-house capabilities have led to increased efficiencies and significant financial returns for the company.

We’re thrilled to have all these new team members on board, and we’ll be introducing them over the next several weeks. We’ll start with Bill Baskett, CEAVCO’s Director of Convention Services, and Project Manager Emily Sendelbach.

Bill has worked in the AV industry since 1988, and he has extensive industry experience as a national account executive. Over the past year, Bill has done an excellent job of directing large-scale event services and exceeding client expectations.

As a Project Manager, Emily works closely with clients to handle the detail-oriented planning and execution of successful client events. For the past year, Emily has demonstrated that she puts clients first and remains dedicated to their success.

A long overdue welcome to Bill and Emily! We’re excited to have both of them on our team.

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CEAVCO Audio Visual Supports FRESH 101 School Supplies Drive

Fresh 101 - CityWide Mentoring and Tutoring

CEAVCO Audio Visual recently donated backpacks and school supplies to FRESH 101, a program that distributes backpacks, school supplies, and haircut vouchers to school-aged kids throughout the Denver Metro area. Since August 11, Fresh 101 has given away more than 800 backpacks.Fresh 101 - CityWide Mentoring and Tutoring

Jason McBride started FRESH 101 six years ago with the goal of providing backpacks, school supplies, and haircuts to 101 children. Today, their goal is to give packs to 2,500 children by September 30.

Says CEAVCO’s Patricia Gordon, “FRESH 101 puts on a back to school drive at the start of every school year to support underprivileged children in the community. These kids are our future, and they deserve to have everything they need to succeed, including school supplies, new clothes, and haircuts. It helps them start their school year off right.”

Fresh 101 still needs school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, paper, crayons, rulers, etc.). Supplies can be dropped off at CityWide Mentoring and Tutoring (5405 E. 33rd Ave., Denver). For more information, contact Patricia Gordon at

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Dramatic Opening Videos Set the Scene and Create Excitement

Want to capture audience attention from the minute your show starts? Work with CEAVCO Audio Visual’s Creative Services team to design and produce a dramatic opening video that sets the scene and creates curiosity and excitement around the event.

For example, here’s a short video that merges the mystical qualities of New Mexico (the event’s location) with the big, bold energy of the aviation industry. Thoughtfully designed and well-produced opening videos can do more than engage audiences — they can spur audience enthusiasm, encouraging audiences to think and talk and share ideas throughout the entire event.

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Sara Horle – The Ultimate Team Player

In this video clip, CEAVCO Resource Coordinator Sara Horle talks about the importance of teamwork at CEAVCO Audio Visual. At CEAVCO, every single department has a role in and impact on every client event we design and produce. Every team member contributes to the show’s success.

As Sara notes, CEAVCO’s operations team and production team work closely together to coordinate every single detail of each show, from trucking and labor and gear to client communications and venue logistics and staging. At CEAVCO, collaboration is the name of the game – and a key reason why our clients educate, engage, and delight their audiences every time.

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StoryCorps-Style Audio Interviews and Recordings

What do your event attendees have to say about your event, their careers, or their interests at or outside of work?

Find out by using the power of story to inspire, build connections, and increase understanding. Our Creative Services team can set up StoryCorp-like interviews to give your attendees the opportunity to share event highlights, details about what called them to their profession, or events that influenced the course of their careers.

Carefully curated questions – coupled with a professional audio booth and editing – will bring out impactful stories. Those stories are out there in abundance. With our help, you can make sure no good story goes untold.

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Jonathan Pinks – CEAVCO Idea Man

Jonathan Pinks is an idea man. At CEAVCO Audio Visual, he works to improve client events by holding ideation sessions where he and CEAVCO’s project managers, designers, and other team members brainstorm event ideas. What does Pinks find most important? Truly understanding the client’s challenges and coming up with outside-the-box ideas that best meet the client’s goals. His favorite thing? Bringing a fresh view of the client’s event — something the client and their audience haven’t seen before.

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Eric Newkirk – Professional Problem Solver

Eric Newkirk is a problem solver. Eric is the VP of Design and Creative at CEAVCO Audio Visual, and every day he and his team take on complex, diverse client challenges and find strategic, innovative ways to address them. It’s no small task. How do they do it? By bringing experience gained from 300+ shows a year to bear on every client engagement.

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Why Experience Matters

Matt Emerson, President of CEAVCO Audio Visual, describes how CEAVCO’s video and audio experts, set designers, and creative services staff collaborate closely to share design ideas and strategies for taking every event to the next level.

CEAVCO supports over 300 events a year. For each event, the team begins by holding an ideation session, where the team reviews the client’s needs and specific event goals. The team’s favorite part of the process is brainstorming ideas with clients about how to make each new event even more engaging and successful than the last.

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