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Behind the Scenes at CEAVCO — An Interview with the Emersons

Jack Emerson built CEAVCO Audio Visual almost 60 years ago with the goals of creating a great workplace and providing exceptional customer support. He developed a lifelong reputation for honoring his vision and doing the right thing.

Jack knew that surrounding himself with the right people was key to business success. As he used to say, “A great place to work attracts great people, and great people attract great customers. You have to be ready to adapt to changes in the marketplace and changes in technology, and we have done that over the years.”

In times of challenge, we at CEAVCO have returned to our roots, which is why we are sharing this short, behind-the-scenes video from 2015. In it, father/son team Jack and Matt Emerson talk about how proud they are of CEAVCO’s team, clients, and partners. As you’ll see, Jack’s original vision from 1961 is still at the core of CEAVCO’s success today.

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We LIVE for Live Events. And We Know That You Do, Too.

We LIVE for live events. And we know that you do, too.

Until we can safely meet in person once again and go back to what we love the most, we are here to keep you connected with your team, your peers, and your clients. We are offering you interactive live streaming solutions in full HD or 4K resolution for your online events, meetings, training sessions, and conferences anywhere in the world. No broken connections, no distortion, no frozen screen. It’s the next best experience to being physically together – and it’s safe!

Get in touch with us and find out more! Email or call 303-539-3500.

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We LIVE for Live

We LIVE for live. We live for conferences, training sessions, corporate meetings of 1,000+ people, small company gatherings, intimate concerts, and large music festivals. We put every ounce of our love and expertise into making your event one to remember for everyone in attendance.

It may not be possible for a while, but we are here for you nonetheless. And we’re ready to offer you the next best thing: interactive live streaming solutions in full HD or 4K resolution for your online events, meetings, training session, and conferences anywhere in the world.

No broken connections, no distortion, no frozen screen. It’s the next best experience to being physically together – and it’s safe!

Reach out to learn more! Email or call 303-539-3500.

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​The Next Best Experience to Being Physically Together

We live for live events. But right now health and safety are our main priorities. As long as we are physically disconnected, we keep the experience alive through our network of market-leading AV providers, offering you interactive, live streaming solutions in full HD or 4K resolution for your online events, meetings, training sessions, and conferences anywhere ​in the world.

No broken connections, no distortion, no frozen screens. It’s ​the next best experience to being physically together – and it’s safe!

Want to know more? Reach out! Email or call 303-539-3500.

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Stay Strong. Stay Positive. Stay Healthy!

Partnership is one of CEAVCO’s core values, and a true partner doesn’t disappear when times get tough. The value of partnerships is more apparent now than ever before. We’re here to lend an ear, share industry guidance, and provide production support if you need it.

We believe that staying positive in the face of adversity is a choice. The March/April edition of Fast Company profiles Evan Spiegel, cofounder and CEO of Snap, Inc., the parent company of Snapchat. Spiegel quotes Jon Gordon Jon Gordon, author of The Power of Positive Leadership, who says, “We are not positive because life is easy. We are positive because life can be hard.” Spiegel goes on to say that “Positivity is what we use to overcome challenges and negativity. Being positive requires hard work.”

In his book, Gordon goes on to say, “There will be times when it seems as if everything in the world is conspiring against you and your vision seems more like a fantasy than a reality. … Being a positive leader is … the way to lead if you want to build a great culture, unite your organization in the face of adversity, develop a connected and committed team and achieve excellence and superior results.”

Stay strong. Stay positive. Reach out if you need words of encouragement. We will get through this together.

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We’re in This Together

As COVID-19 continues to spread, so does the disruption to businesses and everyday life in ways we never could have imagined. During these extraordinarily difficult times, it’s important for everyone to maintain open lines of communication. Proactive outreach and dialogue are essential with your teams, your clients, your supply chain, and your community.

Now is the time to consider what others need. How can you help those around you – and how can we help you? For our part, we will continue to act with the best interests of our community at heart and strive to pay it forward. Transparency, teamwork, and trust are more critical now than ever before. We are ready to serve you in any way we can because that’s what community means. Please reach out if we can help in any way.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with every one of you. We’re all in this together, and we will get through it together.


Your Friends at CEAVCO Audio Visual

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Live Event Webcasting, Streaming, and Virtual Conference Services

Due to concerns about the newest coronavirus, some work-based travel is being limited or curtailed, and some meetings and conferences are being rescheduled or even canceled. Even if it is still too early to know if COVID-19 will pose a threat to your next event, it is important to consider the alternatives.

Webcasting and Streaming Virtual Event Solutions

Webcasting and live streaming are cost-effective options to ensure your next meeting reaches as many people as possible in real time. Our skilled team can produce single session recordings or multiple concurrent session recordings customized to meet your specific needs. Our team regularly travels with our clients, and we can handle all aspects of your video and audio production anywhere in North America.

Interactive, Customized, Cost-Effective Solutions

You can use our technology-driven virtual solutions for any size events in order to:

  • Minimize travel for event attendees and avoid large, public gatherings.
  • Reassure sponsors they can capture attendee attention in a virtual way.
  • Preserve your registration and sponsorship revenue stream.
  • Offer Continuing Education (CE) credit opportunities for remote attendees.
  • Create and distribute abstracts, posters, and handouts.
  • Record and edit your webcasts to create educational videos and training materials.

Virtual Meeting and Event Types

With CEAVCO’s help, meeting organizers and attendees can record, broadcast, publish, archive, and view the following kinds of meetings and events:

  • Corporate and association meetings and conferences
  • Keynote addresses
  • Educational sessions and classes
  • Live events
  • Product launches
  • Public announcements
  • Sales meetings and presentations
  • Town halls

High-Value Webcasting and Live Streaming Solutions

Our solutions include the following:

  • Webcast management and live broadcasting/live streaming
  • Audio and video design and production
  • 3D renderings, show staging, and set design
  • Lighting design
  • Presentation (PowerPoint and Keynote) design
  • Video design and editing
  • Brand and educational video development
  • Storyboarding and script development
  • Technical support and staffing

Want to know more? Reach out! Email or call 303-539-3500.

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Meetings and Events Best Practices for 2020: CEAVCO Interview with Sheila Fox

How are meeting and event professionals using audiovisual resources to enhance their events and increase audience engagement?

As part of CEAVCO’s new meetings and events interview series, CEAVCO president Matt Emerson recently asked chief events officer Sheila Fox (pictured to the left) to weigh in.

In what ways have audiovisual technology, services, and support helped you achieve your event goals? In what ways has problematic support hindered your ability to achieve those goals?

Nothing stresses me out more than when AV technology doesn’t work – a microphone, LCD projector, laptop, slide advancer …. If I have to track down a technician to help, it’s a big problem. The room is usually full of attendees with high expectations, the speaker gets anxious, and I’m left sweating. Let’s just say I have learned to troubleshoot a LOT of AV issues on the fly.

Working with the right AV partner is key. One of my clients, the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame, has a complex, two-hour ceremony that requires a lot of AV support. I rely heavily on the AV crew to switch cameras between the emcee and inductee at the appropriate times, ensure the lighting is great for everyone who will be onstage, and ensure the microphones work for people of all heights. I give the AV crew a rundown of the show beforehand, along with a copy of the program and the script. It’s important that everyone knows what to expect.

What innovative ways have you found to engage attendees at your events?

Exhibitors often talk about how difficult it is to get decision makers into their booths, so I added a community-service element to the vendor booths at a recent conference. Each exhibitor received a different type of school supply to distribute. Attendees visited each booth, collected school supplies, and filled backpacks for students in need. This strategy gave the vendors an opportunity to maximize their time with conference attendees, and both the attendees and vendors had the opportunity to give back to the community.

If cost weren’t a factor, what would you change about your events? What do you wish you were doing?

I would love to have more creative staging, amazing lighting, engaging video, and cool furniture. I would also love to have an emcee at one of my client’s three-day conferences, where attendees are required to get continuing education credits. Some of the sessions can get a bit dry, so I would love to have the funds to hire someone to tie it all together and liven things up between sessions. 

What have you seen others do at events that you’re considering adding to your events in the future?

I attend PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference to get ideas for my events. I’m a long-time member and really admire their willingness to test new ideas and concepts at their conference of 5,000+ business event professionals. I’m looking at offering shorter sessions and different seating options. For example, I’ve had a lot of requests for standing options from people who work at standing desks.

I also attended a conference this summer that used Catchbox, a foam microphone that can be thrown around the room for Q&A. It was a lot of fun!

What makes a good event production partnership? 

Let me first start with what makes a problematic partnership. No planner wants to see unexpected fees after the event is over. I also don’t like to see a service charge on equipment and labor, and I try to negotiate those charges out of my contracts if possible. Poor communication and follow-through also make events more stressful.

Clear, timely communication regarding the event is critically important. Both the planner and the production partner need to understand the goals and scope of the event, the audiovisual technology requirements, and budgetary concerns. When the partnership is working and the show runs smoothly, I look like a rock star!

Shelia Fox, CTA, is the Chief Events Officer at Event In Site, LLC, a meeting and event management studio based in Columbus, Ohio, that elevates associations, non-profits, and business clients ready to attract and engage a growing audience. Learn more at

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Decade in Review

What did the world of audiovisual production look like 10 years ago vs. today? CEAVCO Audio Visual’s Eric Newkirk, Vice President of Design & Creative, and Nick Williams, Project Manager/Audio Engineer, share their thoughts in this captivating Decade in Review video. They cover dramatic changes in video recording technology, video production, media storage, and the use of mobile devices and social media at events. They also share some big news about 2020 developments here at CEAVCO! Goodbye to the decade that was, and welcome in the roaring ‘20s!

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