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Ultra-Stretch Monitors Offer an Eye-Catching Digital Viewing Experience

CEAVCO Audio Visual recently invested in multiple ultra-stretch monitors, which businesses and associations can use to deliver an immersive digital viewing experience onstage, in conference foyers, and throughout exhibit halls.

These brilliant, stretched digital signs can display a lot of eye-catching, dynamic content at one time, allowing organizations to present information, advertisements, and branding in a new way, shape, and form. The monitors are the size of two 16×9 monitors that appear as one continuous display that works in both portrait and landscape mode. The vertical or horizontal content maximizes information sharing and advertising effect.

For example, at a recent exclusive commodities market conference, a stretched monitor displayed the organization’s logo; details about lunch, receptions, and session start times; and real-time information about gold, silver, platinum, and palladium prices. The monitors helped the 1,200 attendees at the world’s premier precious metals investing event stay on top of the action.

The ultra-stretch monitors have a wide range of applications:

  • Agendas, session times, room locations, and other event details
  • Presenter or salesperson photos, background information, and achievements
  • Corporate award ceremony highlights and winner details
  • Partner and sponsor promotions and advertisements
  • Combinations of video, imagery and graphics, content, and advertising

Our clients are loving these versatile monitors, and together we’re finding creative ways to share key information and capture attention at events.

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CEAVCO Prepares to Move to a New Denver-Area Headquarters

CEAVCO Audio Visual is excited to have acquired our new headquarters building on Ward Road in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Construction work is in progress in the office area, and the team is in the process of choosing new furniture for the building. We are also working on a landscape design that includes new trees and bushes as well as a patio area.

The new warehouse is already fully operational. The 25,000sf warehouse is 2.5 times larger than our current warehouse, which will enable us to operate more efficiently and grow. The warehouse team started working out of the new building last month, and they are loving the new space. Not only has the new warehouse dramatically increased our capacity, but it’s also boosting the productivity and morale of the team.

The rest of CEAVCO’s team will likely move to the new building sometime in April. Everyone at CEAVCO is excited about this move and can’t wait to relocate! (We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we near the actual move date.)

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Matt Emerson Serves on the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum Board of Advisors

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

The Colorado Thought Leaders Forum (CTLF) is an organization of community business leaders who positively wield their influence in the service of others. Every day, CTLF members strive to elevate other business leaders by offering engaging programs, promoting authentic relationships, and inspiring people to lead with their whole heart. CEAVCO Audio Visual President Matt Emerson is proud to serve on the board of advisors of this exceptional organization.

CTLF Mission

CTLF is on a mission to redefine what modern leadership looks like, both today and in the future. The organization’s members believe thriving has everything to do with the quality of their leadership, the way they design their roles, and the people around them.

This mission closely aligns with Matt’s leadership philosophy and the culture he has built at CEAVCO. CEAVCO has long had a reputation for fostering and growing service-oriented relationships with company staff, clients, leaders throughout Colorado, and industry partners nationwide.

The Origins of CTLF

During the global economic downturn in 2009, businesses everywhere struggled to survive. In the face of this great challenge, CTLF created something special—a community that prioritizes genuine connection and authentic relationships as powerful drivers of personal and professional growth.

HEART-Level Values

As CTLF notes on their site, “[Colorado] is full of leaders who believe that doing better—as a leader, as a person and as a productive member of the community—is more than a concept. It’s a way of being that sets us apart and creates conditions ideally suited for personal and professional prosperity. Here in Colorado, we don’t do business in silos but through connections with others. Relationships among business leaders are highly valued and encouraged. CTLF creates events that exemplify these values of thought leadership and connection.”

To that end, what CTLF calls “HEART-Level values” are at the core of every CTLF program and event. This deliberate focus on knowing and serving others creates an authentic culture that helps members lead well in business and in life. Key tenets of the organization:

  • Design leadership to thrive.
  • Build business cultures that are human.
  • Succeed not at the expense of people but with people and for people.
  • Inspire optimism.

CTLF is elevating the future of Colorado business for good. To learn more about CTLF, visit

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Meetings and Events Best Practices for 2020: CEAVCO Interview with Sam Thompson III

How are meeting and event professionals using audiovisual resources to enhance their events and increase audience engagement?

As part of CEAVCO’s new meetings and events interview series, CEAVCO president Matt Emerson recently asked Samuel L. Thompson III (pictured), Cofounder of Sync Meeting Management, to weigh in.

What innovative ways have you found to engage attendees at your events?

We really like mobile apps that include live Q&A surveys and provide valuable information about speakers. We also like gamification – photos with the CEO, scavenger hunts around properties, etc. These strategic games encourage attendees to engage with one another.

It’s great to see people making connections through apps and other technologies. The key is to ensure that the apps you chose connect with the client’s needs and the client’s style.

If cost weren’t a factor, what would you change about your events? What do you wish you were doing?

We would like to put more into the production and staging experience of the event. Clients often budget for production and staging last when they should budget for it first. Many times, the room just falls flat and doesn’t align with the experience our clients want to deliver.

People are visual. I want to find new ways to engage attendees visually and get them excited about the content and the location. Also, there’s far too much focus on being in a major city versus at a major destination. As a result, some great places get looked over.

Too frequently we see a lot of momentum, energy, and opportunities lost with too many clumsy handoffs from one presenter to the next. We would really like to incorporate an emcee into events more often to manage the stage throughout the event to keep the flow going and tie all of the elements together.

In what ways have audiovisual technology, services, and support helped you achieve your event goals? In what ways has problematic support hindered your ability to achieve those goals?

LED screens have helped maximize space and provide a higher level of impact. This technology can make a corporate event look like the Grammys or the Oscars. It adds spice and flavor to the event. The creativity and visuals can tie an event together.

On the flip side, the dominance of preferred providers and the proliferation of fees charged for using an outside production company are really getting in the way of our ability to help our clients. Limited choice and inflated costs hurt both the clients and the industry.

What makes a good event production partnership? 

A good partner is one that dedicates time to the planning and truly collaborates with their clients to achieve their goals. They participate in site surveys. They diagram. They plan load in and load out. They tie the design to the event objectives, and they’re prepared to execute. They collaborate to help the client look good.

Behind-the-scenes production effort truly impacts what happens on the stage. When there’s a true meeting of the minds, it’s magical!

Samuel L. Thompson III is the Cofounder of Sync Meeting Management, a full-service meeting and event management company offering years of luxury property sales and event management experience. Learn more at

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Movies at the Symphony – Spectacular Multimedia Experiences

Live music and classic films — it’s a winning combination. As part of its Film Concert Series, the Colorado Symphony has been showing films on four large, suspended screens in Denver’s Boettcher Concert Hall while performing the films’ complete scores live.

Films in the concert series include Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 and 2, Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Home Alone.

In partnership with the Colorado Symphony, CEAVCO Audio Visual is using cutting-edge laser projection technology to project the films on 40-foot screens. The laser projection system offers brighter, much more vibrant and colorful projected images.

Watching movies screened with a live orchestra is the first-ever live symphony experience for many. People who have never attended the Colorado Symphony’s traditional classical music programs have the chance to relive the magic of classic films on large screens with a live orchestra situated beneath them.

CEAVCO is thrilled to be working in the arts and entertainment space with professional musicians in order to create these spellbinding cinematic experiences and engage audiences in an innovative way!

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The Business Case for Expanding Your AV Budget

If you want to amp up the “wow” factor at your meetings and events, you may want to go beyond the basics, which means investing more in the audio visual (AV) technology you use. To that end, the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) recently asked industry leaders to share tips on how to make a case for expanding their AV budget.

Says Eric Newkirk, CEAVCO Audio Visual Vice President of Design and Creative, “We often hear from meeting planners about how they want to ‘up the wow factor.’ The ability to create a wow factor is directly tied to increasing AV spending. If you keep the budget the same, you will run out of options pretty quickly.”

If you want to attract older attendees, consider providing assisted listening devices or live captioning. “It’s money well spent if you’re attracting people who might not otherwise be able to attend a live event due to impairment,” Eric says.

Here’s another tip: the type of event production displays used depends on the size and scope of each event. “If a client is doing a big product launch and it’s a big-risk event with big impact, you’ll want to go with a bigger impact display,” Eric says. “But if you’re giving a business update to internal staff, you can use a lower impact display. It’s also important to consider if myou need to record the event, do video conferencing, or livestream.”

Finally, adding a little to the budget can give you a lot in return for your investment. “It means you can lower your risk and potential for something to go wrong,” Eric says. “If your audience enjoys the experience, can hear and see well, and gets inspired by the message — and nothing gets in the way of technology enhancing the delivery of that message — then the time and money are well spent.”

You can read RSN’s entire article here:

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AV Terms Every Meeting Planner Should Know

Know what a codec is? How about a green room, a mixer, or throw distance?

The professionals at the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) have put together a handy guide to common AV terms. With this list, you’ll be speaking “AV” with confidence. (As an added bonus, the next time you hear the tech team talking about a stage wash, you’ll know it has nothing to do with cleaning the stage!)

The guide includes a downloadable show flow template. The template was developed by RSN members Eric Newkirk of CEAVCO Audio Visual and Steve Halling of AVFX to help planners keep their events running smoothly. You can review the guide to common AV terms and the show flow template at

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AV Alliance Launches a New App

Events are all about creating life-long memories and lasting partnerships, and as with a journey of a thousand miles, they all start with a single step. With the brand-new AV Alliance app, you’re just one tap away from services offered by AV Alliance’s global partner network of 75 AV experts, including CEAVCO Audio Visual. This network of partners shares a passion for unforgettable events. Start your journey with AV Alliance now!

Download the AV Alliance app on the App Store, or get it on Google Play.

App Store:
Google Play:

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CEAVCO’s Guests Attend Denver Film Festival Red Carpet Event

On Saturday, November 9, CEAVCO Audio Visual and 32 guests celebrated the closing night Red Carpet event at the Denver Film Festival. CEAVCO’s guests included corporate project managers, meeting and event planners, producers, and vendor partners, as well as our own Brian Miller, Ben Remec, Sherry Sulak, Pete Goetz, and Don Ortiz. It was the festival’s biggest closing-night event in the past four years.

Jack Emerson started supporting the Film Society back in 1985 because he believed in the cultural and economic power of the arts. He wanted to help organizations that made our community better. That’s why we have continued our sponsorship for the past 34 years.

“We believe in the power of film as a creative medium that tells stories, shapes experiences, and builds community,” says CEAVCO President Matt Emerson. “Supporting the Denver Film Society is a natural extension of the work that CEAVCO does every day, helping our clients tell their stories, shape attendee experiences, and build community.”

The festival’s November 9 closing night event was a big hit. Here’s some of the feedback CEAVCO received afterward:

  • “We would very much like to thank you for the wonderful evening you put on Saturday night. It was such a treat to come to the city to dine and see the Film Festival. And for me, even more of a rare treat to not be involved in any part of the planning and execution! I was truly able to relax and enjoy myself.”
  • “Thanks for the warm hospitality and, as always, an enjoyable evening. We appreciate being on ‘the list’ and look forward to crossing paths again soon.”
  • “Thank you for a very fun evening!!! Had so much fun!”

The annual Denver Film Festival is the largest premier film celebration in the Rocky Mountain Region. As a trusted partner of the Denver Film Society, CEAVCO is invested in the festival’s success, and every year we take the opportunity to invite some of our valued clients and partners to Red Carpet screenings. Our guests love being part of the energy and excitement of this premier cultural event!

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