Jack Emerson Celebration of Life

CEAVCO Audio Visual’s founder, Jack Emerson, passed away on July 12 after a courageous five-month battle with cancer. He was 90.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jack’s wife, Ann Daley; to Jack’s children, Sara, Lisa, Nina, John, and CEAVCO President Matt Emerson; and to their entire family.

Family, friends, and others whose lives Jack touched are invited to a service to celebrate Jack’s life. The service will be held on Saturday, August 25, at 4pm at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Staff will direct guests to the room where the service will be held.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The Denver Hospicethe National Sports Center for the Disabled, or Grand Foundation.

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CEAVCO Hosts the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) Warehouse Managers Forum

On July 10-11, the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) held its inaugural Warehouse Managers Forum. Warehouse and operations managers from RSN member companies gathered to exchange best practices and tricks of the trade. A total of 21 team members from 11 RSN companies attended. If you are looking for warehouse automation companies then you may want to check out Primus Building!

CEAVCO Audio Visual hosted the forum at its office in Arvada, Colorado. Don Guzauckas, Jr., Vice President of RSN member company HB Live, acted as the facilitator. Topics covered included staffing, training, employee retention, storage and equipment handling, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes, vendor management, and warehouse layouts and workflow. The topics discussed included safety, employee management and the best sorting conveyor systems available today.

When managing a warehouse, it’s essential that your facility is designed in the safest way possible to ensure the wellness of your workforce. This is a big responsibility for managers, they need to ensure that all of their equipment is regularly maintained and meets the safety standards. That’s why these forums can be so important, they help warehouses operate smoothly. Safety is one of the most important features of this forum. Managers will be able to discuss the best equipment that they need to offer their staff. Mobile platforms are one of those pieces of equipment that should, ideally, be brought into every warehouse facility. They can be purchased from companies like Platforms And Ladders. However, there are many different pieces of equipment that can be purchased to ensure the safety of staff. Warehouses can be dangerous places if they’re not supplied properly.

Says Guzauckas, “The new Warehouse Managers Forum is a fantastic opportunity for warehouse and operations teams at member companies to share industry knowledge and learn from each other. Everyone’s getting a lot out of the energetic, productive conversation at this valuable gathering.”

Each year, RSN holds meetings, training sessions, and forums at member locations in diverse locations throughout the country. The first Warehouse Managers Forum was a great success, and attendees are already starting to plan their next collaborative forum.

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CEAVCO Lookbook – Ideas and Inspiration for Your Next Event

Have you visited our Lookbook recently? It’s full of informative pieces and short videos that help meeting and event planners design and produce exceptional events.

Valuable Lookbook content includes:

  • 5 Key Trends for Meeting Planners
  • Using Creative Services to Make Your Shows Stand Out
  • 10 Reasons to Hold Your Next Event in Colorado
  • Event Design in Unconventional Spaces
  • Custom Set Design to Enhance the Audience Experience
  • Behind the Scenes at CEAVCO

Check Out Our Lookbook and Get New Ideas for Your Next Event:

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Shout Out to the CEAVCO Team Supporting the Space Symposium

Shout Out to the CEAVCO Team Supporting the Space Symposium (Eric Newkirk, Steve Struble, Brian Miller)

Shout out to our team members Eric Newkirk, Steve Struble, and Brian Miller (l-r). In April, they led the CEAVCO Audio Visual team that provides production support for the annual Space Symposium, sponsored by Space Foundation. The symposium is held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

The Space Symposium is the premier global, commercial, civil, military, and emergent space conference. Each year, the Space Symposium brings together space leaders from around the world to discuss and dream about the future of space. The event attracts more than 11,000 attendees from 30 nations.

CEAVCO has been a long-term partner with the Space Foundation, supplying a multi-screen video system, audio, and lighting for the symposium. CEAVCO’s planning for this high-profile annual event begins six months in advance.

We’d like to thank Eric, Steve, Brian, and the entire team for their hard work, dedication, and creative production solutions – we appreciate all that you do!

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Transforming the Audience Experience at InfoComm 2018

Once again this year, CEAVCO Audio Visual’s Matt Emerson and Eric Newkirk attended InfoComm. The world-renowned Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Event took place in Las Vegas from June 5‑8, 2018.

The largest audiovisual professional trade show in the United States, InfoComm 2018 hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees from 110+ countries and displayed and demoed thousands of products.

Experiential technology was the star of the show. C2, Montreal’s groundbreaking conference for commerce and creativity, hosted notable experiential labs that shifted group dynamics and the in-room conversation.

One unconventional C2 experience involved entering a sensory deprivation environment with no light. With no visible cues to enable non-verbal communication, participants’ auditory acuity increased (as did their attentiveness). Participants made the most of their 20-minute session and discussed exciting changes in the audiovisual industry.

In another C2 experience, participants were suspended 15 feet in the air in chairs hung by wires. The goal was to exchange ideas “in the stratosphere.” The surrounding projected imagery continually shifted from a forest canopy to deep space to other environments, and the experimental seating literally lifted people out of their comfort zone to help them brainstorm new solutions to business challenges.

These experiential labs encouraged participants to think differently and explore AV topics in a whole new way. Change up the environment, and you change up the conversation. In the end, you just might transform the audience experience.

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Strategies and Tips for Meeting Planners: Watch CEAVCO’s Webinars


What are the 5 top meeting and event tips and trends for 2018?

What are meeting planners doing to set themselves apart from the competition?

What are some of the reasons meeting planners and their clients are choosing to hold events in Colorado?

Find out by watching CEAVCO Audio Visual’s fast-paced, informative, and FREE 15-minute webinars. Visit

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CEAVCO Audio Visual Continues to Expand Its Team

Over the past year, CEAVCO Audio Visual has hired many new employees to expand the company’s Management, Production, and Creative Services teams. This week, we’d like to give a long overdue welcome to Creative Services Assistant Brian Morrato and AV Technician Randy Culpepper.

Brian is supporting shows with multi-camera video production and creative services support. As an AV Technician, Randy sets up, operates, and maintains equipment used for live events, such as video recorders, projectors, and lighting and sound mixing equipment.

We’re excited to have both Brian and Randy on our team!

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CEAVCO Hires Even More In-House AV Technicians

Over the past year, CEAVCO Audio Visual has hired many new employees to expand the company’s Management, Production, and Creative Services team. This week, we’d like to give a long overdue welcome to AV Technicians Paul Trotch and Randy Cunningham.

As AV Technicians, Paul and Randy set up, operate, maintain, and repair equipment used for live events, such as video recorders, projectors, and lighting and sound mixing equipment.

We’re excited to have both Paul and Randy on our team!

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