CEAVCO Invests in New LED Performance Lighting

CEAVCO Audio Visual recently made a substantial investment in LED performance lighting. CEAVCO now has 12 Chroma-Q Color Force 72 LED battens, along with 24 Chroma-Q Color One 100 LED PAR fixtures. The goal was to expand the range of gear used by the lighting department, as well as to realize the benefits of maintaining a consistent product line inventory with a common color palette. This new inventory will soon be bolstered by 48 Chroma-Q Color Force 12 LED fixtures.

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AV Alliance Employee Exchange Program

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CEAVCO’s Matt Emerson and Habegger’s Sven Burger

In 2015, AV Alliance launched a new employee exchange pilot program. As part of the program, employees from two member firms swap places to gain insight into each other’s organizations and participate in event production activities.

CEAVCO Audio Visual and Switzerland-based Habegger were two of the pilot program participants. In fact, CEAVCO is the only U.S. member of the AV Alliance global network to participate in the two-way exchange thus far. Habegger sent project manager Sven Burger to CEAVCO for three weeks in September, where he worked closely with CEAVCO’s team.

Says CEAVCO General Manager Eric Newkirk, “Sven took a lot of new ideas back to Habegger. We’re glad he had the opportunity to learn how CEAVCO lives up to its brand promise – love what you see and hear.”

In December, CEAVCO is planning to send project manager Rob Schmidt to Habegger’s office for three weeks. Habegger is located in Regensdorf, 30 minutes northwest of Zurich.

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An Innovative Event Produced in an Unconventional Space

ceavco imageCEAVCO Audio Visual recently collaborated with Xero, a game-changing global software company headquartered in New Zealand. Xero is known for thinking outside the box, so they chose the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) as their venue for Xerocon 2015, an innovative annual conference for leaders in cloud accounting. The DCPA is a world-class facility designed for stage productions. It’s also an unconventional location for corporate meetings and events.

The event took place in three theaters and a ballroom, so it was critical that CEAVCO and the center’s in-house crew work well together. Through exceptional teamwork, CEAVCO’s staff and the theater staff created a customized, engaging experience.

Visit our Lookbook to check out a video of CEAVCO’s work with Xero.

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RSN Members Share Best Practices and Technology Solutions

At the end of August, CEAVCO Audio Visual’s Assistant Operations Manager, Justin Read, and Floor Leader, Jared Richardson, visited Chicago-based Stage Right, Inc., and Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services, located in the heart of Manhattan. Their goal? Get a firsthand look at how both shops operate, collaborate to identify ways to improve processes, and exchange ideas.

“We got a firsthand look at how the crews work at Stage Right and Michael Andrews, as well as the chance to share feedback and learn a whole lot in the process,” Justin says. “I think everyone involved thought the time spent was really valuable. It was a great trip.”

The biggest takeaway: Both Stage Right and Michael Andrews use digital signage in the warehouse to provide live agenda updates. As a result, their crews receive up-to-the-minute information about new and changing tasks. Justin has since begun using live-update digital signage at CEAVCO.

Other takeaways include cable labeling methods, vertical storage techniques that make the most of limited storage space, use of container IDs, and split-shift scheduling.

Says Justin, “All three companies have already begun implementing changes since the visits. What I’m most excited about is how the tools and techniques we’ve learned will help streamline our processes and make our day-to-day operations more efficient.”

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RSN Will Elevate in Denver, July 28-31, 2015

elevateThe Rental & Staging Network (RSN) is finalizing the details for the Leadership Symposium, which will be held in CEAVCO Audio Visual’s hometown of Denver, CO.

The symposium will include breakout talks geared towards Sales Managers, Operations Managers, and Executives of RSN member companies. Edgar Papke will deliver a keynote titled TRUE ALIGNMENT: Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results.

To learn more about RSN, visit

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CEAVCO Father/Son Team Star in Behind-the-Scenes Video

ceavco imageCEAVCO Audio Visual’s creative services staff recently completed a behind-the-scenes video on father/son team Jack and Matt Emerson. The video reveals the personality of both men and shows how Jack’s original vision from 1961 is still at the core of CEAVCO’s success today.

Check out the entertaining Lookbook video.

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New CEAVCO Lookbook

CEAVCO Audio Visual recently launched an online Lookbook highlighting some of the company’s best video, audio, and lighting work. See why CEAVCO’s clients from around the country and around the world love what they see and hear. Visit

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